What’s your Brand’s story? Happy, Serious, Friendly or Fierce? Tech-savvy? Expert? Down-to-earth? 

Brand Story

Every Brand has a Story… and a Voice

Think of this as your brand’s personality in words.  Read your website, marketing and advertising. Do they have a tone of voice? Or a point-of-view?

If you don’t get a distinct vibe or feeling from your brand’s messages, it could be time to discover (or refine) your brand’s distinctive voice. Meaningful brand messages don’t sound like the normal blah, blah of business. Businesses who want the most from their brand are expressive about who they are as an organization. That’s what people want to hear. It’s how people connect with any brand.


Be Believable.

You can’t buy belief, but a well-managed brand can help build it across staff, customers and even the public. Think about the things you admire, cherish, desire, support and buy. Chances are they have an original idea, special feature, beauty or emotional appeal. Brand messages go to the heart of creating this admiration and desire. Even in the B2B market, the leading companies have built brands with real appeal and respect. Brands don’t have to be flashy, but they must be believable.

Simple Messages. Better Sales.

We all get stuck in our own worlds – and the language of those worlds. Whether you’re a technology business, a non-profit organization, a healthcare company or a craft brewery, we prefer straight talk to slick talk. See if any of the following three traps sound familiar to you. 

(1) Complex Messages. Your product or service requires a lot of explanation and messages get bogged down in too much detail

(2) Commonplace Messages. Your message sounds like everyone else in your category

(3) Mixed Messages: Where one customer thinks of you as one thing and another customer thinks of you in a completely different way. If you’ve ever heard a customer say “Hey, I didn’t know you did that” you are sending mixed messages. 

Just being aware of these three messaging traps will help your brand communicate more clearly and more consistently.




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