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Just Wonderful

The Cupboards of Care logo is just wonderful. And you used my concept of an open pantry door.  I can always count on your team for standout work – even on short notice. Many thanks.

Lynn Johnson-Porter, CMO

Feels Instantly Credible.

Our products are complex. And our buyers are smart. There are many “ortho” companies and even more medical device and health companies with visual identities that undermine their credibility. As a new patented product, we couldn’t risk anything but positive first impressions. Modern always delivers elegant and refined brand identities and messaging that feels instantly credible. 

Thomas McKeon, CEO

Now They Want Their Own!

The new marketing collateral just arrived. The sales kits, new resident brochures and the folders. Healthcare saw them and asked “When do we get ours?” They are already talking colors. .

Living Branches

A Fantastic Conversation Starter

The branded conference table is amazing. People literally think we have a whole new table, with the brand and messages, nobody guessed it was a bus wrap. A smart idea that turned an eyesore into an asset. Every new visitor walks around it reading the provocative messages. It’s a fantastic conversation starter.



I love the way it reads. I love the way it looks. And I love how it feels.  We thought we took pretty good photos. The photos alone are transformative for our brand.

Thomas Howsten, CEO
Merriweather Foundation

The Proposal
Blew Us Away

Half our team didn’t even read the details. They just took a brief pass through it and the design of the proposal itself with the animals we care for showed us something far beyond anything we had ever envisioned. It blew my team away.

The Veterinary School
The University of Pennsylvania

They Jumped Right in… and Fully Delivered

When we suddenly had a need for urgent help pulling together designed reports for a large survey, we were referred to Modern SBC. They jumped right into the project, were communicative through the entire process, met our very quick deadlines with no hiccups and fully delivered. We received positive feedback on the final reports and they even helped us create a templated approach to make next-year’s survey reporting much easier for our team!

Alyssa Shand-Perreault
Sr. Manager, Marketing & Communications
Affiliated Distributors

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