Is Your Marketing as Smart as Today’s Seniors? (and their influential adult children)

Insight and Instinct:

We are industry-agnostic. As creative professionals, we value and learn from working across many industries.  When reviewing websites and marketing literature for Senior Living Communities, we are surprised how few take advantage of the perspective with the broadest possible reach— the perspective of “Place.”  “Place” is bigger than just your community. It includes the area all around you: schools, towns, people, churches, countryside, cityscape, recreation, transportation, entertainment and everything else that makes a place special.

Work with us and talk with a team of pros who have spent lifetimes communicating to people of all kinds for all kinds of reasons. We promise to deliver original, beautiful and valuable ideas on how to approach marketing and branding your community.

Meaningful conversations matter.
Think beyond your community to the whole place around you.

Creative Answers to Tough Questions:

  1. How can we distinguish our brand in the crowded CCRC marketplace?
  2. When to use print marketing and when to use digital marketing?
  3. How to appeal to male AND female prospects — Learn the differences.
  4. How can we improve the communications we create ourselves in-house


Senior Living Marketing - Talking to Prospects

A short summary of what successful marketers think about when marketing a Senior Living community today.