Branding: The Art of Difference

Kevin Connor


Kevin Connor


We wear the logos of our sports teams even when they’re losing. And that sums up how deeply connected we get to the brands we buy, admire and sometimes love.

Brands seek to touch people in meaningful ways.  

But before you can start touching your audience, you need a plan, a brand worth building and a commitment at the very top of the organization to make some sort of statement with some genuine personality. And that personality can be conservative, safe and widely cast. It just has to be done well. And that takes insight into people, buying behaviors, sector trends and much more.

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Getting started: There is no time like right now.

We find most small businesses (a lot of big businesses too) struggle to establish a consistent marketing program. They may invest in their brand identity and get some core materials professionally created, but most struggle to solidify a plan they can stick to. Part of this dilemma is finding competent guidance in our complex digital world. Another part is simply developing an appropriate budget that is fundamental to your annual operations.

So, since we’re talking about marketing,

1. If you don’t turn heads with your marketing concepts, what’s the point of marketing?

2. Once you’ve earned attention, you need a message that either informs, entertains or entices. Smart graphic design must present that message so it gets seen and consumed.

3. And the writer and designer must continue beyond the headline into the rest of the message, imagery and pitch. The goal with all marketing is to compel a desired action.

A solid concept in the hands of gifted designers, writers, illustrators and photographers has worked for years. In fact, it’s the only thing that works.

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