Eleven Signs Your Brand Needs a Makeover

Kevin Connor


Kevin Connor


Brands must evolve to stay relevant and valuable. If any of these statements ring true to you, your brand probably needs a tune-up.


  1. You admire a competitor’s website more than your own.
  2. Your marketing doesn’t really inspire you. It’s all pretty vanilla and similar to others in your industry.
  3. Nobody comments about your marketing or branding from prospects or customers.
  4. Your company logo is an acronym that few people know. (Acronyms need thousands of exposures to take hold in the mind). Plus, they always require an explanation. And requiring explanation is not a brand asset.
  5. Your marketing materials lack visual consistency and a cohesive singular message.
  6. Your website and advertising rely on stock photos and images — stock often sticks out as fake and inauthentic.
  7. You simply wish you had a really appealing brand image.
  8. You have no “tangible” marketing a customer can touch, take or keep. Your marketing is all online or in PDF form.
  9. You still use Powerpoint as a primary sales tool — and you know your presentations could be more professional.
  10. You spent more on your last car than you have on your brand image and marketing materials in the past five years. If this is the case, your brand probably deserves some attention. 
  11. You’ve always wanted quality design for your brand, website and advertising but have just put it off.  If this one rings true, it’s time to put your brand in the hands of a professional branding and design company. The results will simplify your future dramatically. 

TAKEAWAY:  Create a brand you love and you will likely create a brand they love too.  Even if you’re a tough, lean and unfussy business, your brand should express tough, lean and unfussy. With a smart brand makeover, all of your marketing would be saying that in unison.


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