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Logo Design and Branding for Restaurants & Bars

Brand your bar, restaurant or café to thrive in what is one of the most competitive markets in any city or town. Compete with chains and their giant marketing teams with more personal brands that customers will love.

Good design is a key step in launching, revitalizing or restarting any restaurant or bar.  And good design is what you’ll get with Modern’s team of creative professionals.


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Logos designed to work everywhere: Screens. Paper. Packaging. Fabric. Metal.

A logo that is impossible or expensive to embroider, screen print or etch is a recipe for problems. Too many logos look great on a screen or website, but when it comes to expanding your brand image to other things, you’re forced to make changes over and over.  Our solutions are designed from the beginning to help you expand your brand onto anything you want — glasses and mugs, bar mats, apparel and take out bags are just some of the things we make.

craft beer logo branding

The Creative Help Restaurants, Bars and product brands need.  From design and marketing to websites, signage and vehicles — bring us your food truck and see what we can do.

Design and messaging that will earn eyeballs and build loyalty.  We had a client tell us, “I love it (and encourage) people at our bar to steal our beer mats. If I can get my beer mat on their counter at home, that’s better than any advertisement or mailer.”

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Logos Designed to Work Everywhere and on Anything!

Signs. Menus. Aprons. Glassware. Paper. Packaging. Fabric. Metal.

It's all on tap marketing at Modern SBC

Branding for Restaurants, Bars and Food and Beverage Products

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