For A Brand, Any Speed Beats Standing Still

Kevin Connor


Kevin Connor


Branding takes time. So, if you find yourself with time to look at your own brand, take it.  

Stay connected with your customers and prospects.

Anytime is the perfect time to do more prospecting. If you have time for conversations, start some. 

Connect with your customers in the most efficient and creative ways. Social media and a solid website can give small companies a strong presence on the web. And for those of you who doubt social media, take a look at your websites. Does it inspire you? If not, your site could literally be pushing customers away simply because the site is all they see, read and experience. Websites are not neutral. They must balance ease of use with design and content that delivers the tone, personality and attitude that your brand represents.

Develop some light informational content for your site visitors and customers/prospects. Develop your own content. Find experts inside your business to develop these materials. They could be videos (and no, you don’t need a production studio to do a great video). We can help you create a step-by-step process to create them. Use your site to publish a weekly article. Tease it via an email campaign and keep it light. You’ve heard of soft sell and hard sell, right? But in reality, there is only “smart sell.”  The point isn’t to create conversions every time or to tinker with the flavor-of-the-month secret language to get people to click to your website.

Whenever you see your competitors (and yourself) looking down at the bottom line, it’s the perfect time to give your brand a big nudge forward. In short, take center stage while it’s less crowded.

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