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Video & Photography

Photography – Studio & On-location

Great photos are an asset for any brand. We have a  great team of local photographers and videographers who know how to put people at ease in an environment that consistently gets great results.  

Workplace, Product, Headshots & Portraits, Corporate, Place, Food, Fashion, and more. We offer half and full-day rates which include equipment and lighting for on-location shoots.

Video / Animation

Put your brand in motion. We work with clients to create brand story videos, product demos, website intros and animations, interviews, Q&A profiles, video testimonials, workplace tours, fundraising appeals and more. If you’re unsure whether video is right for you, consider this fact: When given the choice of “watching a video” or “reading an article,” people choose video by nearly two to one. Knowing that, we hope you’re motivated to at least try a short informal video to introduce your brand in an interesting way.  

Start with a Concept — Scripts & Storyboarding

Get a video strategy and concept you can commit to with confidence.  We start every video project by clarifying goals and determining the style and approach for your audience? Should it be a professional video that’s broadcast quality or something gritty and candid? We script and storyboard traditionally… it’s fast, interactive and helps unite the client and creative team (usually a small team of two or three including a video director and a writer and possibly another creative contributor such as a brand manager who knows the client’s brand intimately. 

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Photography & Video

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