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Website Design

The Right Perceptions – By Design

When we arrive at a website, it takes just 100 milliseconds for us to start forming a judgement about the website itself, and more importantly, the organization behind it. That’s a make or break experience for any brand, and especially for a small or regional brand, where the website is the primary touchpoint with customers and potential customers. We build websites for people because people make the final decisions to watch, buy, join or contribute.

Website Content — Words. Pictures. Images. 

The right content in the right form can transform a website’s ability to get visitors to what they want fast. What do your site visitors want? Who are they? Are they evaluating your credibility as a company, or, are they casual browsers seeking entertainment?  What kind of media is best for your audience — editorial, video, images, podcasts?

Built for Now. Ready for Tomorrow.

We build websites that are intuitive and easy to manage. Our web designers work with the latest mainstream tools ensuring your site can grow as you grow. We work primarily in WordPress using the latest in advanced website builders and editors.

Every website we build is fundamentally responsive and optimized to adapt for desktop, tablet and mobile screens. 


Maintaining Your Website

Keep your site healthy, secure and functioning properly. We manage security updates, CMS software, plugins, backups and analytics to ensure visitors have a quality experience on your site. For companies with IT departments, general website maintenance can be managed in-house, but for small businesses who just want their site to work, we are pleased to maintain your site for you.

SEO (Google certified experts)

Combining SEO with other online tools can have a dramatic impact on qualified site traffic — and ultimately business.  Every website has special SEO opportunities. We help you find them

Websites Built with Purpose

Modern SBC website design
Modern SBC Website Design for Encore
Modern SBC website design
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