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Kevin Connor


Kevin Connor


Here’s an exercise, graphic designers use to force them to expand their perspective when solving a visual problem: Draw a grid of 20 squares. Now draw 20 different apples. You have one hour.

As designers and marketers we are trained to look at commonplace things and see new ways of saying or showing something. Let’s explain that a bit.  Branding and advertising and marketing all benefit from using familiar ideas and concepts in new ways.  People experience it this way: “I recognize this, but I’ve never seen it this way.”  And that is memorable.

It’s easy to see a product or service the same way no matter what day it is.  But if you have even a handful of customers, members or fans, you’ll find that the reason they buy, support and commit to your brand is different from one to another. There will be overlap. That’s good. But each time you really look at your customers (and ideally talk to them) you’ll see new ways to appeal to your audience. 

We have a client with products or services that solve basic IT technical problems remotely.  For some companies their perspective is “take this off my plate” while another sees the service as a growth tool. Two perspectives: One is simply solving a nuisance for a busy manager while the other is strategic and tied to growth.  There are customers that come to the client for other reasons too. So, they have a single service that can be sold in a variety of ways — ways that should really be cemented in some form of brand standards or basic messaging. 

A conversation or two with our team followed by some interviews with your clients (we’ll do them for you).  You’ll get more honest answers when they talk with someone they don’t work with directly in a client relationship.

Discover your product’s special characteristics. Learn how to celebrate and showcase those things that make you unique. A unique perspective can make what’s already beautiful even moreso. The right angle can make the commonplace captivating. 

TAKEAWAY:   A fresh design perspective from real professionals can truly empower a business or product. There is nothing that can move minds faster than powerful visual branding and marketing.

Clients come to Modern SBC to build better brands and to refine their brand image and identity. To us, that means a brand that earns respect and revenue. 


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