Is Your Brand a Profitable Performer?

Kevin Connor


Kevin Connor


Let’s Find Out.

  1. If you changed your brand identity tomorrow would it make you nervous?
  2. Is your brand well known and respected in your market or community?
  3. Do you receive positive comments from people outside of your company or organization?
  4. When you mention your company name to prospects, do you need to explain who you are, what you do, make or sell?

Is that your brand right now?  Would you like it to be?

It can be. It takes work. But even moreso, it takes committment from the client to build more than two touchpoints (the company or product and a website).  You need  touchpoints that reach out to customers in the digital world as well as the physical world. Even Google advertises on TV, in print and shock-of-shocks — direct mail.  I get a mailer every month for a FREE Google Advertising Trial.

Every company has a different set of touchpoints. What’s right for you or your organization? Does your brand identity need a makeover or update? How about your message? Think about how it would feel to have a great brand itentity that you can stamp everywhere with ease. Add a great message you can repeat in short, medium or in-depth doses. All set to a schedule you can continue forever if you choose. 

Get your brand performing the way you need it to perform.

We’re a friendly group of creative professionals helping organizations build successful brands, websites and print communications. We handle heavy-lifting, visual acrobatics, and a little marketing magic. 


TAKEAWAY:   Profitable brands are multi-dimensional. There are lots of components. Some are fixed and create continuity through time and some are evolving with the needs of the market.

Build a brand you love. We're a friendly team of designers, writers and web pros who help businesses, organizations and individuals build effective brands.

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