Branding is All Heart

Kevin Connor


Kevin Connor


Are you making a logical appeal to an emotional audience?  Probably.

So, you’re responsible for your brand and marketing. Lucky you. And that’s not sarcastic. We mean it. Where we work, what we buy, the teams we love, places we want to visit. All of them have an appeal. And in every case the appeal is really basic. Logic just can’t compete with love, envy, desire, admiration, fear, fun, harmony, health, happiness and joy.  Put a stack of logical bullet points up against those things and the bullets lose every time.

We’re not saying logic has no place in sales. In fact, logic often closes the deal. But only after a feeling of comfort, confidence or motivation is established. Branding is all about creating, securing and managing those feelings — whether you’re selling spaghetti or security systems.

“If you want to really move products, you must learn how to move people. Put a little heart into your pitch.”

TAKEAWAY:   Emotion trumps logic when it comes to sales, branding, marketing and advertising.


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