Expressing What You Do. A Better Way.

Kevin Connor


Kevin Connor


What we do. Who we are. Whatever you call it, it’s what customers, site visitors and prospects want to know.  And they want more than a bullet list!  Give it to them.

Telling people what you do is among the most basic things for a brand to get  right — especially a small local business! It’s an opportunity to express a lot more than merely what you do, you get to tell them why you do it. 

If your capabilities are a bulleted list on a website or a brochure, you’re just like a dozen competitors (and probably not the leader in your market). Describe your capabilities. Avoid just listing them. This is your chance to create difference between your brand and your competition. Of course be concise. Visitors appreciate clean edited content that is simple and beautifully presented.

Ultimately, your ability to summarize your skills and value will dramatically impact your success. Remember this: Bullets and boredom go hand-in-hand. They have their place, but not without more meaningful strategic messages.

If you have a complex business or many services, don’t throw everything at them at once!  

Focus on core abilities.

Highlighting core skills while shedding a little light on your larger range of abilities is a lot easier to understand than 10 services of equal importance. By choosing to focus on central strengths, you create clarity and confidence without diluting your overall services.

A capabilities brochure (in any form) must be a well-written, candid summary of who you are, what you do and why you do it.


Make the truth interesting.

What makes your products or services interesting? Whether you work in a nice office, on a construction site or next to the kitchen sink, telling your brand’s story and sharing its purpose is a skill you want to master.

We find that when describing what a client does, we find the best descriptions from customers, consumers, users, fans and others who admire the brand, value the brand and connect with the brand’s personality.  

So, what do you do?

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