Good Design Accelerates Business Success

Kevin Connor


Kevin Connor


Nothing accelerates a great idea quite like beautifully executed design and simple consistent messages.

And we don’t mean “cool” or just “attractive.” We mean a design and message that stops people and creates instant interest,  while at the same time evoking character and credibility. That’s a tall order — and what professional design and branding can deliver.

Great design and compelling messages outsell competitors who take DIY approach to their branding and marketing. Buyers, whether retail, or B2B instantly see the difference between good design and junk. And junk is everywhere. Eventually, every form of communication (print, web, social, direct, tv, radio, outdoor) bows at the feet of the messages they send. Great gadgets are only as great as the content they present. When the novelty of a new marketing channel wears off, it’s the message that matters.


Good Branding Avoids Trends — Trends Don’t Create the Valuable Difference Brands Seek

Good designers work with clients to confront trends, identify competitor brand strengths and ultimately create a tangible and memorable visual (and verbal) difference.

Good Design Creates Lasting Appeal

For design to be valuable, it must have lasting appeal. This cannot be achieved with clipart, amateur photography and copycat messages.  Good design is durable, which makes it a an essential investment for businesses and organizations. In short, good design (and meaningful communication) removes barriers and bolsters credibility. It has become a prerequisite for business or organizational success.

Design impacts every touchpoint of your business. From logos and visual identity to websites, advertising, signage and anything else a customer, member or fan sees, hears, reads or otherwise experiences. All of it adds up. And the more thought that goes into the design up front, the longer it will last and the more impact it will have.


Designers Must Care for Your Brand.

If your organization takes pride in what it does or makes, then strategic design is one of the most powerful ways to strengthen your brand. Creating a new brand identity, logo or website is a big responsibility. Successful brand professionals find ways to discover what’s special in a product, service, non-profit and capture that in a simple and meaningful way.

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