Rebooting or Redesigning Your Brand

Kevin Connor


Kevin Connor


Brand identity updates. Website redesigns. Content overhauls. Times of change are good times for brands to signal a change too.   

1) Times of change are great for a brand reboot.
Think beyond your logo. Smart marketers realize that their colors, symbols, name and core messaging are symbols to communicate the essence of a person’s overall brand experience. While the symbolism is important, it’s the combination of the symbolism and what the brand actually delivers that determines the customer experience. So the most successful brand renewals are those that express some kind of real change. If the change is done while a societal or cultural shift is going on, we are primed to hear a new — and especially a positive — message or brand experience.

2) Is your website ready for your future? 
Your website is the convenience store of your brand. It’s a click away for casual visitors to browse anytime. We are surprised when website owners learn how many visitors, go to the website but leave within a minute. That alone shows how much impact a website experience has on prospects and even existing customers. And just think, one of the first things a referral will do is visit your website and make judgments about your organization — or you personally.  Websites need to have a personality, be coordinated with other brand touchpoints and have a clear message that can be easily consumed on a smartphone as well as tablets, laptops and desktop screens.

3) Signs your brand is ready for a reboot

  • the brand has become indistinguishable from the competition,
  • your brand starts looking stale or overly “corporate.”
  • your brand appears disconnected from your offering, your consumers, or the times.

Times change. And so must brands.

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